Discover How Product Liability Insurance Coverage Can Protect Your Small Business from Costly Defect Claims and Lawsuits


Owning your own small business can be a very rewarding and satisfying accomplishment. It can also be extremely risky if you are providing a product to the public.

Many times due to no fault of our own, someone may be injured by one of the products you manufactured or sold to a distributor or consumer.

Just one lawsuit can ruin the business, that took you many years to grow and perfect.

Anytime you are selling a product to another business or to the public, you should consider getting product liability insurance coverage, to protect you and your business from what could end up a very costly legal battle or defect lawsuit.

Product liability insurance coverage is an insurance policy that protects product companies from costly defect claims that originate from the sale of produce, medicine and a variety of other products that are sold to the general public.

This low-cost liability insurance for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and product importers will cover the seller’s liability for injuries caused to an innocent individual, due to defective manufacturing or lack or proper warning labels.

When it comes to product liability claims, they can originate from manufacturing defects or some process that caused the item to be flawed during production or even negligence.

An example could be a chemical that is present in clothing that causes injury to someone. Another type of claim would be due to an unsafe design of a product such as a firearm.

This type of claim could include an unsafe part that has been designed for your car. The part may fail, and cause injury to you and your passengers.

Other types of claims include items that do not have adequate labeling or warnings. A popular example of this would be the lawsuit against a popular food chain, that occurred as a result of hot coffee not being labeled appropriately.

Although, as grown-ups, we know that coffee is hot, as responsible owners of a business, we have to provide adequate labels and warnings to protect ourselves should an accident occur. As a business owner, you must carry product recall coverage, to ensure your business is not lost due to any of these type of claims.

If you own your own company, it has never been more important to obtain the product liability coverage that will keep your business safe from costly lawsuits.

Call today for a product insurance quote and find out how you can potentially purchase this valuable insurance. Besides our homes and families, our businesses are our largest assets. We have to make sure they are protected at all times because without our business we can provide for our family.

Find out what low-cost liability insurance can do for your company and how easy it is to protect your investments. Visit or call toll free 800-622-7370 to get liability advice, quotes or coverage today.

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