Product Liability Insurance Coverage: What Should You Look For?

Product liability is one of the most common nightmares of distributors, sellers, lease-granters, and manufacturers of products.

These days, there is hardly any company that has been able to escape product liability lawsuits.

These lawsuits that involve product liability may drag not only the finances of your company downhill, but they also jeopardize the reputation of your company!

So, it is always better to avoid such lawsuits and take extra caution to combat or tackle them well.

To prepare yourself completely, you need to have product liability insurance.

Without having the right amount of information and insight into the types of problems that can come up, however, you may end up making flawed decisions.

So, let’s analyze the types of liabilities in more detail now. Most of you must have been aware of the two basic categories or types of liabilities: ‘fault’ and ‘strict’.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss both types in more detail.

The fault-liability type is more about when a customer or buyer suffers injury because of the damage inflicted by the flawed product.

Moreover, here the customer brings up the objection that the product has been flawed, and the company omitted or misrepresented the information before selling it. Here, the distributor can be held responsible for fraud or intentional misrepresentation.

Moreover, if the product has been assembled wrongly or tested inappropriately or failed due to lack of care, the distributor can be charged with negligence.

The second type of product liability is more complex and involves situations that do not include any faults. In this liability type, the charge arises due to inappropriate instructions.

Product liability insurance can help you avoid all the undesirable conditions due to liability issues.

When you want to cover yourself with product liability insurance for small business, you will need to check with your agent that provides your business insurance coverage to see if it is already included in your policy.

You need to also be aware of the exact nature of that insurance as to what is covered.

When you purchase, give your agent the most accurate information that you can about what kind of product your company makes and how much is produced during manufacturing.

This will affect the price of your employer’s liability coverage, but being honest avoids problems later on if there is a suit and it keeps you from being penalized because you did not purchase enough coverage.

If you have narrowed it down to a few insurers, make sure that you compare quotes and are aware of each company’s reputation.

This can be critical when you are faced with court action and need a solid insurance company behind you.

If you follow these initial steps, you will have a great start on being properly protected.

How Much Does an Insurance Policy for Defective Product Liability Cost?

Business owners who are involved in the manufacturing or selling of a potentially dangerous or defective product are becoming more and more aware of their need to have a product liability insurance policy to protect them in the event of injury or loss claims that arise out of defects in one of their products.

Product liability includes liability for injury or property damage caused by defects in a product, or by the exclusion of warnings that resulted in improper use of a product, causing injury or damage.

But how does a business owner know how much this type of insurance will cost them?

The truth is, product liability insurance policies vary in cost, depending on several different factors. One of these factors is the risk level of the product your business is responsible for.

  • What type of product are you selling – something that could potentially cause severe damage or injury, such as a knife set?
  • Or does your business sell a product that has a small chance of injuring people or damaging property, like a pair of leather gloves?
    The risk level of your product is one of the most influential keys in determining the price of your policy – lower risk products will cost significantly less than high-risk products such as firearms that carry a much higher risk of accidents leading to injuries or even death.

In this uncertain economy, more and more people are turning to self-employment as a way to take control of their own financial destiny. Unfortunately, many are risking financial disaster by operating without product liability insurance.

Product insurance covers both goods and services. Goods produced by home-based businesses include wood furniture, pottery, and baked goods while services include in-home daycare, carpet cleaning, and lawn maintenance. All of these businesses, as innocuous as their products seem, are vulnerable to liability claims.

Micro Businesses, those employing up to six full or part-time employees and grossing less than $250,000 annually, are at even greater risk of product liability; yet many operate uninsured.

Misinformation is the most common reason new sole proprietorships risk operating without products liability insurance.

There are no unannounced intrusive home inspections at inconvenient hours, though an inspection may be scheduled in some instances by mutual agreement. Premiums do not eat up profits; home-based sole-proprietorships can be covered for under $400 per year in many instances.

Having real control over personal financial destiny requires diligent risk management. The importance of product liability insurance for home-based businesses, sole proprietorships, and micro-businesses cannot be over-emphasized.

What Does a Liability Insurance Policy for Defective Products Cover

Running a business these days requires that your business carry a myriad of loss prevention insurances, errors and omissions, personal injury and the like.

If you are in the business of manufacturing a product it is essential that you carry product liability insurance.

Almost every day you hear of product recalls. Products that pose hazards to the public are recalled for everything from posing a potential choking hazard to air pollution. You can be sued even if your instructions for use were unclear and the product was misused.

Simply put, Product Liability insurance protects your bottom line in the event of a consumer experiencing some type of bodily injury from the use of your product. With injury awards that cost companies millions yearly, all it takes is one person to bring a lawsuit against your company for you to lose your business entirely.

If you outsource the manufacture of your product, your business cannot survive without product liability insurance.

You may have done your due diligence and checked out everything required to manufacture your product to the highest standards but the possibility remains that when manufacturing of the product is done overseas, replacement parts may not meet your established standards.

Although this type of insurance is not cheap, premiums can range from $2,000 to $10,000 per year but if you take into consideration that you could stand to lose hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in a lawsuit, the expense is negligible.

For many businesses today, general product liability insurance is a must-have when it comes to protecting a product manufacturer, seller or product business.

There are so many risks that these business owners face, and it’s important to have the most coverage possible.

Some of the elements included in a standard general liability policy are:

  • Premises and Operations: This element protects the business against lawsuits claiming negligence injury or property damage directly related to the premises or operations of the business holding the policy.
  • Products and Completed Operations: This part of a policy protects a business against lawsuits and claims arising from injury or damage related to the sale of a product with defects or defects in a completed action (such as the construction of a building).
  • Personal/Advertising Injury: This section of a general liability policy protects the business from certain types of lawsuits related to slander, libel, false imprisonment, or hurting another business via advertising.
  • Damage To Premises of Others: This section protects against damages to the premises a business occupies but doesn’t own.
  • Medical Expense Payments: This part of a general liability policy protects a business from lawsuits arising from injuries guests may suffer while on the property the business occupies.

As you can see, there are many different elements addressed by general liability insurance, and product liability insurance for manufacturers and sellers is one of those elements.


A Few Tips on Buying a Foreclosed Home in Texas

An auction has always been associated with a great opportunity to buy things on the cheap. The more valuable an item is the more money you expect to save by buying it at auction. No wonder that when it comes to purchasing a house, such an event is attended by a lot of people.

It is not a secret that when you lose the ability to pay your mortgage, the bank will definitely take your home away. In Texas, such a house is usually put up for the county auction and attracts, of course, a lot of buyers. If for some reason no one buys it, the bank usually sells it on the open market. As a rule, this happens very rarely. There almost always is someone who finds it is worth buying such a property at auction.

Foreclosed homes are usually priced significantly less there than those at estate agencies.

That is the reason why they almost never go to the open market. However, you should bear in mind that to process a buying or selling transaction in Texas, you should have a Texas real estate license or use the service of a licensed estate agent. These transactions are complicated, so, make sure that the agent you are gonna deal with is a real professional.

So, what is the best way to find and finally buy a foreclosed home in the Texas area?

Well, the thing is that it isn’t difficult to locate the auction of the foreclosed properties. What might be more complicated is to find the house which meets your requirements.

So find a licensed estate agent and have a word with them. It is advisable that they are not the same agent who is representing the bank which owns the confiscated properties.

Now its time to see available houses. View first the homes which you consider the most appropriate for you. Think about their location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and so on. Check what payment methods are acceptable. Sometimes you can only pay in cash due to the age or bad condition of the house.

So, if you cant do that, there is no point in going to have a look at it. In Texas, you might also be required to prove your ability to be a buyer. This is very common there. So, ask in advance the requirements of the bank that sells the houses. Once you’ve found an appropriate house, you can bid for it and hope for the best.

If you already found your Texas real estate licensed investing mentor, but you are still wondering what will you do next.

How will you get the most from this real estate mentoring relationship?

The answer to this is quite simple, you have to give your most.

Its strange but true, the relationships we typically get the most out of in life are those we put the most effort into, and your relationship with your real estate investing mentors will be no different. Be prepared to go out of your way to be helpful to your real estate investing mentor, and you will be amazed at what happens. Because the more you put in on it, the more they got back.

If you were helpful and generous with your time, you will not only learn more quickly, but you will also be achieved your goals much faster.

How to Get Started with Your Online Real Estate Courses

Many individuals decided to try a real estate career in the field of sales, the reason for this is because of the flexibility of time. Perhaps the single greatest tool that a real estate agent needs is a strong sense of time management.

Unlike the usual working hours of nine to five, the real estate world and most brokers-in-charge allow agents to create their own schedule. This means real estate agents can work way too little or way too much if they don’t watch the efficiency of how they spend their time.

The real estate industry is actually an industry that can help people experience great wealth.

Many of the worlds richest people have made their money through real estate. That is why many people nowadays consider real estate as a career.

And entering this kind of a career allows you to help people buy and sell real estate. And also entering this career requires you to take some real estate courses for you to acquire a real estate license (each state has its own procedure on how to get a real estate license)

Leading Texas Real Estate School Offers Home Study careers in real estate With Online Testing. Our state accreditation with regulatory agencies in Texas such as the Texas Real Estate Commission, Texas Savings and Loan Department, Texas Appraisal Licensing and Certification Board and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality ensure that you receive only the most reliable and accurate educational materials.

Additionally, courses that are provided through in conjunction with Texas A&M University-Commerce means that students are taking courses with a proven leader that has been providing quality education for over 100 years.

Now professionals can satisfy license requirements on their own schedule without attending classroom allowing them to dedicate more time to their profession. Accredited online real estate school, Continuing Education for Licensing, Inc. offers convenient online home study courses specifically designed for people with busy schedules.

You can now save some of your valuable time and complete an entire course from your home or office instead of sitting in a classroom for countless hours. provides quality educational programs for Texas career-oriented professionals. In addition to offering pre-licensing and continuing education real estate courses online and through home-study, also offers courses in the same format for other licensed professions including Home Inspection, Appraisal, Mortgage Lending, and Irrigation. does offer independent home study courses in the textbook format where the student will receive a quality textbook from a qualified author and the latest edition available with their choice of either hard copy tests or online testing. The online format provides the convenience of having all course materials and testing all in one place where the student can access everything they need from their home or office computer.

A great opportunity for those seeking to obtain or renew a Texas Real Estate License, this program also offers the opportunity to maintain the required continuing education hours required by the Texas Real Estate Commission for licensed realtors in the State of Texas. Through this partnership, offers home study online real estate license courses for the following professions: Real Estate, Appraisal, Home Inspection, Licensed Irrigators.

Check out Texas real estate courses and real estate appraisal license courses for courses offered or visit the website a provider of a convenient online home study courses specifically designed for people with busy schedules.

The Various Careers within Real Estate

Real estate licenses are those authorizations by a local or state administration given to agents and/or brokers to be able to legally represent a seller or buyer in the process of buying or selling real estate in that specific community or state.

Helping people buy and sell homes, office buildings, industrial property and corporation farmland, property management, land development, mortgage banking, urban planning, real estate counseling, appraisal, and research are all aspects of a real estate career.

These real estate professions have expanded and offered one of the widest career selections in the business world today.

Looking for an accredited online real estate school? Visit the website This site is a provider of a convenient online home study courses specifically designed for people with busy schedules. You can now save some of your valuable time and complete an entire course from your home or office instead of sitting in a classroom for countless hours.

Real estate can be a good provider of a career that gives you flexibility and freedom to set your own pace. That is why one of the exciting things about real estates is that it can be approached from so many different ways.

If you want, you can be projecting and analyzing cash flows from new developments with spreadsheet just like white-collar workers do. Or be an agent in the field with heavy contact with customers on a day to day basis, or also be an entrepreneurial property manager or even owner looking for undervalued real estate buys and strategies for creating value.

One of a real estate career avenues in the real estate industry is Real Estate Appraiser.

The real estate appraisers are those that provide unbiased estimates of a propertys value and quality. And they usually work for banks or for appraiser firms and will normally value properties by finding comparable sales in an area or by estimating the discounted value of cash flows expected from a property.

A real estate appraisers profession is less cyclical than the real estate brokerage because appraisers are required when homes are refinanced a time historically when the real estate market has been slow.

Requirements for real estate appraisal training vary from state to state but all students basically have to complete certain courses and pass a state licensing examination. Real estate appraisers decide the value of a home based on its condition, amenities and the current market value of similar homes in the area.

Distance learning nowadays actually gives you an accessible way to learn how to become real estate professionals. For current appraisers, online courses are a flexible way to fit continuing education into your hectic schedules. With online education, you can land that long-awaited, lucrative position in real estate you always dreamed of.

The convenience and the efficiency that home study programs provide for potential agents, brokers, and appraisers, give valuable support for aspiring realtors in their preparations for state exams and their eventual careers in real estate.

Check out Texas real estate courses and real estate appraisal license courses for courses offered or visit the website a site that provides a convenient online home study courses specifically designed for people with busy schedules.

Should a Business Owner Purchase General Liability Insurance?

Entrepreneurs looking to start a business today have many risks they face in the area of liability. Not only do business owners have to pay careful attention to their startup costs, their sales and marketing, their payroll, the quality of the products and services they provide, and their customer service; they also have to be aware of the ever-present risk of being held

responsible or being sued for injury or property damage related to their products or premises.

Depending on the business model, a business owner will have to choose the type of liability policy should be purchased.

A product liability insurance policy will cover certain types of lawsuits related to defective products and injuries or damage that their use caused; a Professional Indemnity Policy will cover omissions and errors that occur during the execution of a service agreement.

General liability covers a broad spectrum of liability, including product liability. With general liability, a business would be protected against claims of injury or damage arising from the premises or operations of the business; any associated medical expenses from such injuries; damage to a landlord’s property occupied by the business; lawsuits coming from claims of libel, slander, or other personal damage, and product liability, which includes claims and lawsuits alleging damage or injury while using a defective product.

Overall, general liability insurance is the best choice for most businesses, since it can usually be purchased for only a slight increase in price than other independent policies.

The Products Liability Insurance division of SADLER and Company, Inc. offers hassle-free quotes on product liability insurance coverage for companies and high-risk product manufacturers, importers, distributors, and product resellers.

Our insurance offerings allow you to add Product Liability or Product Recall Insurance to your existing General Liability policy to help ensure complete legal liability coverage.

The policies protect you and your business from damages resulting from manufacturing design defects as well as misinformation in marketing or on product labels that could cause you to be held liable for property damages, injury or even death caused by the product manufactured, distributed or sold.

SADLER and Company, Inc. services ( include Liability Insurance Coverage for Manufacturing Businesses, Business Owner Property Insurance Coverage, Product Manufacturers Business Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance.

Understanding Your Real Estate Market

Having a real estate career just as a real estate broker and sales agent, they actually have a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in their communities. They know which neighborhoods will best fit clients needs and budgets. They are familiar with local zoning and tax laws and know where to obtain financing.

Agents and brokers also act as intermediaries in price negotiations between buyers and sellers.

Real estate agents, brokers, and appraisers need to have an understanding of the market and the technical aspect of real estate because it is important that buyers get the right information so that they are properly guided in their decisions. People who are planning to enter a real estate career need to take a different aspect of real estate courses and should take a licensing exam so that they can be certified by the state as persons who can handle real estate transactions.

The online format provides the convenience of having all course materials and testing all in one place where the student can access everything they need from their home or office computer. A great opportunity on how to get a real estate license and for those who are seeking to obtain or renew a Texas Real Estate License, this program also offers the opportunity to maintain the required continuing education hours required by the Texas Real Estate Commission for licensed realtors in the State of Texas.

Leading Texas Real Estate School Offers Home Study Courses With Online Testing. Now professionals can satisfy license requirements on their own schedule without attending classroom allowing them to dedicate more time to their profession.

Accredited online real estate schools, offer convenient online home study courses specifically designed for people with busy schedules. You can now save some of your valuable time and complete an entire real estate course from your home or office instead of sitting in a classroom for countless hours.

You can now save some of your valuable time and complete an entire course from your home or office instead of sitting in a classroom for countless hours.

Check out real estate appraisal license courses and irrigation home study course or visit the website for more info.

Why Manufacturer and Distributors Need Product Liability Insurance

From the time the product is manufactured in a factory, wherever that factory is located, to the time you purchase it at your local store and afterward product liability comes into play.

Companies and businesses need to have this insurance, so if sued
they still can remain in business, with higher insurance rates.

The local businessman especially needs this insurance because if he is sued, unlike the giant corporation, he will not have a battery of attorneys at his disposal. He could lose his home in the lawsuit.

A product manufacturing defect such as using lead paint on toys can be a huge issue. The lead is dangerous and this is a design or manufacturing defect.

In the event that a claim is made from (personal injury or property damage) that may or may not have been caused by the products sold or supplied through your business, you are at risk for this liability!

The product might be so poorly constructed that it breaks immediately. The factory and manufacturer will be sued and is in need of liability insurance. The retailer can be sued simultaneously.

There are design defects. You might construct something of the highest quality materials yet it is not designed to work.

Firestone tires, many years back falls into this category. A plane might be made to the highest standards and materials. Yet, the wiring always catches fire, because it was designed to be placed in a certain area. This is another design flaw.

The space shuttle losing its tiles must be a design flaw. Failure to warn is simpler. A well-manufactured motorcycle has no manufacturing defect and no design flaw, but the manufacturer left off the sticker warning that this could be a dangerous machine. This is a failure to warn.

People will sue the manufacturer down to the retail level for any of the above because they were all involved in selling the item.

All need to carry liability insurance.

Unrelated to the above can be opening a soda in the store and a piece of the can or bottle hits the person opening it or someone standing five feet away.

You must have liability insurance even for these contingencies. The flaws might not show up for quite some time after the product is purchased.

Product liability insurance covers a great distance in miles and a long time span to protect the business that is purchasing the insurance policy.

Discover How Choosing an Online Real Estate School Can Be Fun

Business is one area that most people with good entrepreneurship and innovative ideas try their hand. Real estate is one such business where you need to have sharp marketing skills and be an expert in your field of knowledge. If you think you own the former skill and the courage to take the risks then you should probably join in this line of business.

It is however not advisable to start a business on our own without proper business knowledge.

First and foremost be sure that you want to get into this business after that is decided you will need to enroll yourself in the training program. You might have all the required knowledge from all your sources but your state insists on training in Texas real estate school before you register yourself for the business.

Where do you get your training from?

You will find several real estate schools involved in this business.

To get through the licensing process and meet your states requirements you need this schooling. So regardless of your distaste for the classroom, you need to get back there.

How do I find a real estate school in my area?

Finding a real estate school in Texas is not a problem as training centers are mushrooming everywhere. You could visit your local community college and inquire about the courses in real estate business. If you are lucky you may find courses that will suit the state stipulations for becoming a real estate agent. So go ahead and enroll yourself in one of the leading real estate schools in Texas.

Despite the gloomy media stories that we hear today about the real estate market, houses are still being bought and sold in all areas of the country. Money can still be made by those who possess a Texas real estate license school. While houses are being bought and sold at any price, there will always be room for qualified licensed salespeople to help sell them.

The State of Texas has rules and regulations that must be followed exactly before a real estate license can be applied for.

Part of the Texas licensing requirements include:

  • 60 Classroom Hours in Real Estate Principles.
  • 30 Classroom Hours in Agency Law.
  • 30 Classroom Hours in Contract Law.
  • 30 Classroom Hours in Other Real Estate Courses.
  • 60 Classroom Hours in Additional Approved Courses.

The State of Texas is very technical about their licensing requirements over what some of the other states require. This is the reason that it is highly recommended that those interested in obtaining their Texas real estate license, take their training from a school that has been approved by the State of Texas to give the necessary training.

Today there are many options online that offer real estate training courses; be careful to ask questions about specific Texas approvals before wasting your money on training that will not be accepted by the State of Texas.